When to contact an attorney during the SSD process

There is never a “bad” time to bring in an attorney while applying for Social Security disability benefits. The ideal time is at the beginning, though.

Applying for Social Security disability benefits in Indiana can be overwhelming. So much so, in fact, that many people get in touch with an attorney before they even submit their applications. However, some others wait until their claim is denied.

In general, it is better to work with an attorney as early as possible. However, if an application is denied, enlisting the help of an attorney then can go a long way toward eventual approval.

Before submitting an application

Many applications are denied, and while some are overturned on appeal, quite a few denials remain. Thus, some folks prefer to minimize the risk of denial by contacting an attorney right from the start. The advantages of doing so include the following:

· Getting a whole picture of all disabilities

· Bolstering the medical evidence and other types of evidence

· Saving time and frustration if the disability does not apply or if income is too high

An attorney can provide an applicant with an assessment of his or her case and prevent potentially costly mistakes from being made. Waiting for a SSD application to be approved can take a year or more, so getting a lawyer is time well-spent.

After a denial

Technicalities or seemingly small errors are responsible for quite a few SSD application denials. Claimants can appeal their denial online, which, on one hand, is convenient. On the other hand, this ease of convenience may mean that some do not take the time to speak with a lawyer. This can, again, be a costly mistake. For example, it can be easy to forget about a vital piece of documentation on a medical treatment or medication. Forgetting just one thing can lead to the denial being upheld .

Also, many attorneys offer free consultations. Applicants can get an idea upfront of how good their case is and what the attorney might do to fight the denial.

While the application is pending

It can also be a good idea to retain an attorney while an application is pending. For instance, say that Person A checks on his claim status and discovers several things are holding it up. Perhaps a doctor's office has still not sent paperwork, and the SSA has misplaced critical files. An attorney can help expedite the process and review the case to strengthen the claim, if necessary.

Applying again

It is possible to apply again for benefits in Indiana after a previous claim was denied. However, getting benefits this time around may be more difficult if not much has changed. An attorney can discuss whether it would be a better idea to reapply for benefits rather than to appeal a denial.