Creating Long-Term Plans For Children With Autism

Parents often wonder about their children’s futures. These thoughts often amplify once a child becomes a teenager. Soon, they will be finishing high school and will be transitioning into a life as an independent adult.

For parents of children with autism, working with an attorney to develop a comprehensive transition plan is critical. At the Law Office of Annette Rutkowski LLC, my focus is on providing every one of my clients with personalized attention. I am a lawyer who will help you develop a transition plan that will help ensure your child is ready for adulthood.

I have offices conveniently located in Indianapolis and serve clients throughout central, southern and western Indiana.

Preserve Current Benefits

Parents often worry that any government benefits their children are currently receiving will go away once they turn 18.

I will work closely with you to take the necessary steps to preserve any Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability and Medicaid benefits your child is receiving after their 18th birthday. By taking the time to analyze your situation and consulting with your doctor and other specialists, I am able to put your claim in a better position for a successful outcome.

Apply For New Benefits

Your child may not have been eligible for these programs because your income was too high. However, once your child becomes an adult, their income may be low enough where they will qualify for some benefits.

I will analyze your situation to determine whether your child qualifies to receive SSI or Social Security Disability benefits. If I believe you may be able to receive these benefits, I will work closely with you on your application and will help you navigate the appeals process if the initial application is denied.

Legal Advice Tailored For Your Family’s Needs

I understand that every family’s situation is unique. I take the time to learn about your family and your wishes. This allows me to develop a plan that protects your child both today and for years to come.

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