Disability may naturally come with age

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2018 | social security disability

Nobody likes to think about the aches and pains that develop over the years. It can be hard to come to terms with how difficult some activities become in comparison with your younger days.

In many cases, the natural aging process can lead to serious problems that get in the way of daily life. Even if you still have a decade or more of working years ahead of you, a disability could surface early. Unfortunately, disabilities related to aging might not go away with treatment.

As you age gradually, you might not be able to tell when a recurring health problem crosses the line to become a disability. Some older adults don’t like to admit that the problem is serious enough to call a disability, but this can prevent them from getting help. It’s best to discuss medical concerns with a doctor to get a sense of how serious an issue may be.

The most common issues with aging include failing eyesight, arthritis, osteoporosis, dementia, hearing loss, muscle weakness and trouble walking. While healthy habits can delay symptoms, many problems are unavoidable. Genetics and lifestyle both play a role in how the body changes over time.

If you develop a serious health problem before retirement, you may be worried about whether you can continue to work to support your family. Some people who develop disabilities continue working with fewer hours while others find jobs that work around their ability level.

This can put a strain on family finances, which is why Social Security Disability benefits are so important. Because some people might not be able to continue work, disability benefits can make up for lost income due to a problem outside of your control.

Indiana residents who are over 50 might be able to secure disability benefits easily. There is still a specific process to follow, however, so be sure to work with an experienced attorney to maximize your chances of receiving assistance.