SSD decisions dependent on medical records

On Behalf of | May 10, 2018 | social security disability

Indiana residents who are struggling with disabling diseases or injuries often wait weeks, months or even a year before receiving initial decisions regarding their applications for Social Security Disability benefits. Although the examiners reviewing applications strive to process cases in a timely matter, difficulty getting current or complete medical records often stymies their efforts.

Incomplete contact information for physicians and other health care providers on applications represents one source of delay. If an examiner cannot contact a medical provider, then obtaining crucial medical records, such as X-rays, MRI scans or surgical reports, becomes nearly impossible. Even when an examiner has access to accurate and complete contact information, physicians’ offices are notoriously slow to respond to requests for medical records.

People undergoing treatments, like surgeries or physical therapy, might also encounter delays because the Social Security Administration will want to wait for the outcome of treatment. The possibility that the treatment might relieve the disability causes an examiner to set a case aside pending the results.

In general, when a person can demonstrate that a medical condition undermines the possibility of engaging in gainful employment, the agency will eventually award benefits. Because an application depends on providing clear and complete information, Indianapolis, Indiana, attorneys handling Social Security Disability could provide support. An attorney familiar with the application process will have knowledge of the coding system used to describe disabling conditions. Additionally, an attorney could arrange for the applicant to undergo the necessary medical and vocational assessments that are part of the process. The applicant might benefit from these services, especially if a physical or mental condition makes organizing paperwork or following directions challenging.