What to do after a disability claim has been assigned

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | social security disability

When an Indiana resident submits an application for disability benefits, it will be assigned to an examiner. It is possible that an application could be approved on the first try, but it is also possible that a person will be asked for more information. In some cases, it will be necessary to go for a consultative examination, or CE. This is done to create a recent record or to verify information that might have been left out of an application.

Furthermore, an applicant may be required to provide an activity log or to fill to a work history form. To avoid these steps, an individual should put as much information as possible in an initial application. By providing critical information, it can reduce application processing times by weeks or months. This could also be true by making and keeping a CE appointment.

As a general rule, the appointment is a short affair and won’t necessarily change an examiner’s mind. The exam itself could be physical in nature or simply require an applicant to answer a few questions. It will simply ensure that the record is up-to-date and complete enough to make the proper decision. Those who refuse to go to an appointment or miss several scheduled appointments could have their cases denied for failure to cooperate with the process.

Those who have mental or physical injuries that make it impossible to work might be entitled to disability benefits. Working with an attorney who handles Social Security Disability may make it easier to have an application accepted in a timely manner. If necessary, an attorney may be able to represent an individual at the hearing level.