Advice for Social Security disability applicants

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | social security disability

In Indiana, people with disabilities are often denied qualification for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income benefits. The reason that the Social Security Administration denies claimants is because disability examiners are responsible for determining whether applications are valid. Plus, the same examiners also handle reconsideration appeals.

However, disability claims are frequently denied because disability examiners never meet with applicants in person. People applying for disability benefits are not informed as to whether they even have valid cases until they are mailed decision notifications.

However, claimants who attend disability hearings in person can look at the documents in their files, add new medical evidence and ensure that the files include all medical records. Many complaints from claimants center on the fact that their claims were denied because the medical records were missing from their files.

Another reason that attending a Social Security disability hearing often provides better results is that the claimant has a chance to answer questions in front of the person who decides whether to approve the claim. In addition, the administrative law judge typically prefers to hear opinions from the claimant’s personal doctor. Consequently, a disability lawyer will often try to get a medical statement from the claimant’s physician.

A claimant has a better chance of gaining disability benefits by having a hearing held in front of a judge. However, the claimant first has to receive a denial notice in order to file a reconsideration appeal to hold a hearing. An experienced disability lawyer can help with the entire application process.