Representation improves chances at SSDI or SSI hearings

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2018 | social security disability

An Indiana resident who has representation with them at their Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income hearing is more likely to win their case. Representation results in a higher win ratio because the hearings are comparable to court proceedings in which winning a case requires preparation and proper arguments. In most cases, it’s necessary to demonstrate why the claimant should be given disability benefits.

To prepare for a disability hearing, the attorney or non-attorney representative should collect all of the applicant’s updated medical records. The updated records will be examined to determine if they can be used to bolster the case. The administrative law judge hearing the case should be sent a copy of the updated records.

The importance of having updated medical records cannot be ignored. Otherwise, there will be no recent medical records on file with the SSA by the time the case can be heard. The actions that are conducted for a disability claim, such as gathering records, getting in contact with individuals who have knowledge of the claimant’s disability and gathering information on the claimant’s work history, are discontinued after the completion of the reconsideration appeal phase. This means that when the case is ready to be heard, the case file will contain records that are several months old, and any decision made using the dated records is very likely to be a denial of the claim.

Attorneys handling SSDI cases may advocate on behalf of clients at disability hearings. Legal counsel may work to make sure that the necessary records are obtained to strengthen a client’s case. An attorney could also present the necessary arguments to demonstrate that the client’s disability claim should be approved.