Winning SSD claims before hearing level

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2018 | social security disability

Despite popular belief, Indiana residents who submit a Social Security Disability claim do not always have to wait until the matter is brought before an administrative law judge to receive an approval. Even though the hearings that are overseen by administrative law judges have the highest approval rate at over 65 percent, there are other levels of the Social Security disability process at which claimants can be approved.

More than 35 percent of people who submit initial disability claims win their benefits at the application level. Around 15 percent of the claimants who file a consideration, the first appeal they are able to file for a denied application, win their claim.

It is no surprise that the approval rates for the reconsideration appeal level are abysmal, as those decisions are rendered at the agency that handles initial claims. The difference between a reconsideration appeal and an initial claim is that the reconsideration appeal decision will be made by a different disability examiner. The process for making a determination about the disability benefits, which entails obtaining and evaluating records, is the same. The likelihood that the decision of the reconsideration appeal will differ from that of the initial disability claim is very low, unless a mistake was made by the disability examiner who provided the first decision, or a different decision is supported by new and compelling medical evidence.

Attorneys handling Social Security Disability cases may assist clients with navigating the sometime complicated and lengthy process of filing claims for disability benefits. For clients whose initial claims have been denied, the attorneys may advocate on their behalf during disability hearings.