Valid excuses for missing Social Security appeals deadline

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2018 | social security disability

After a denial of a Social Security Disability claim, the app has a specified period of time during which to file an appeal. The deadline for appealing an SSD ruling is 60 days from the day of denial, but 5 more days are added to account for mailing time. The 65-day deadline applies to requests for the review of a decision, requests for disability hearings and reconsideration appeals.

The Social Security Administration generally takes the position that claimants have no excuse for missing appeals filing deadlines, given that the period to file is longer than might be expected. There are, though, circumstances where a claimant is found to have a valid excuse for doing so. If a person was not notified of the denial, he or she may be allowed to file late. A mental or physical condition that prevented or hindered the ability to appeal on time may also be a valid excuse.

There is no hard and fast list of valid or invalid excuses for missing an appeal deadline on a Social Security decision. Generally speaking, if the excuse is logical and rational, it could be accepted. It is usually up to the claims representative whether or not to find good cause for the late filing.

For people in Indiana who have questions about the Social Security benefits system generally, or who have an issue to appeal, an attorney might be able to help. Indianapolis, Indiana, attorneys handling Social Security Disability cases might help by gathering evidence in support of the client’s claim or by communicating with officials on the client’s behalf. An attorney might help with the initial documentation required to seek Social Security benefits or help the client prepare for an administrative law hearing.