Listing multiple conditions helps when seeking benefits

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2018 | social security disability

When filing a disability application, it is essential to establish an inability to do any kind of work. This includes an applicant’s current job as well as any former job that he or she held. In most cases, Indiana residents will win a disability case by showing that they have multiple conditions. While it is possible to win benefits by proving a singular condition exists, the goal is to stack the odds in an applicant’s favor by any legal means available.

Therefore, it is a good idea to list any condition that a person thinks he or she is experiencing. It makes no difference whether it is physical or mental in nature. In some cases, a person is approved for benefits because of a secondary condition or one that he or she didn’t necessarily think would meet the criteria for approval.

By listing multiple conditions, it may be possible to show that they prevent an applicant from doing any work when taken together. Even if a person has a single condition, an examiner may still determine that he or she has enough functional capacity to perform some task. Therefore, failing to list even one additional condition could be the difference between an application being approved and being denied.

Those in Indianapolis, Indiana who believe that they are disabled may be eligible for social security disability benefits. These benefits may make it easier to pay medical bills or make up for lost wages while out of work. It might be a good idea to go through the disability application process with the help of an attorney. He or she may be able to gather medical information or other evidence to make it easier for an examiner to approve an initial application or on a first appeal.