Determining when to file for disability benefits

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2019 | social security disability

People who have a mental or physical disability can find it very difficult to find work to support themselves financially. Indiana residents who are disabled can file to receive disability benefits from Social Security if their medical condition negatively affects their ability to work. This applies to previous tasks individuals have done as well as other types of work for which their education, job skills and training makes them qualified.

When making decisions regarding whether to provide disability benefits to claimants, the Social Security Administration considers whether there is an ability to perform previous work or other types of work activity. The medical records of the claimants are gathered in order to review both their medical history and work history. Previous work may include any work that was performed within the last 15 years before a claimant became disabled and for which the claimant was able to perform long enough to be able to learn the responsibilities of the job.

According to the Social Security Administration, mental or physical conditions are considered disabling if they prevent individuals from performing or engaging in work activity and from earning a substantial and gainful income for at least one year. The conditions are also considered disabling if an individual expects to not to be able to perform any work activity for at least one year because of the condition’s severity.

Attorneys handling Social Security Disability may help clients with understanding the process for filing claims for disability benefits. The attorneys may assist clients with obtaining the necessary paperwork that can verify their disability. If a claim is denied, the attorney can provide representation at a subsequent hearing.