SSD decisions after medical examinations

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2019 | social security disability

Some Indiana residents who are applying for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration may be required to undergo an examination by a Social Security physician. The exams are arranged by disability examiners so that they have current medical information about claimants who have no medical records or no current records. A consultative medical examination may also be required if the severity of a claimant’s condition has to be verified. When claimants have their examinations scheduled has no bearing on when they will get their disability benefits.

After they have completed their consultative examination, a decision regarding their benefits will be made soon after. Simply undergoing an examination by the Social Security medical examiner does not guarantee an approval of the benefits. Most of the people who apply for disability benefits and who undergo a consultative examination will receive a denial; this is because the majority of initial disability claims are rejected whether or not the claimant attends an examination.

The physicians who conduct the consultative examinations have to submit their report to the SSA within 30 days. Only after the disability examiners have the medical examination report can they make a decision. Claimants should not rely on a specific frame of time for getting a decision after going to a consultative examination.

Attorneys handling Social Security Disability law cases may explain to clients what they should expect from the application process. Assistance from the attorneys may be provided for clients for obtaining any necessary medical and work history documentation. If initial claims have been denied, the attorneys may guide clients through the appeals process. During disability hearings in front of an administrative judge, the attorneys may advocate on behalf of clients by presenting a convincing argument along with support evidence about a client’s disability.