Work history details matter on a benefit application

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | social security disability

Those who are disabled in Indiana and throughout the country may apply for government benefits to help them pay bills or cover other expenses. To improve the chances of getting an application approved, it may be important to include work history information. An examiner should know what type of work was done over the past 15 years in addition to how long a person worked at a given job.

This can play a significant role in whether an application is approved because it can help an examiner determine if an individual can do any type of work. To be approved for disability benefits, an applicant must show that he or she is totally disabled and that the disability will last for at least a year. It must also prevent an individual from making a substantial and gainful income. Therefore, it may be worth including the salary or hourly wage that each job paid.

Furthermore, be sure to include whether a job was considered light duty or if it required extensive physical labor. This can be important because if a person cannot physically perform a job that he or she did in the past, an examiner couldn’t ask that person to go back to it. Ideally, applicants will also include whether a job required them to sit, stand or move for longer than they are physically able to.

Indianapolis, Indiana attorneys handling social security disability may be able to assist people with disabilities in getting their benefits. When applying, it is generally worthwhile to be as detailed as possible to make it easier for an examiner to conclude that a person is totally disabled. An attorney may help an applicant create a compelling application that an examiner may approve.