Glaucoma sufferers may be entitled to disability benefits

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | social security disability

Indiana residents who have glaucoma will likely lose their vision gradually over time. In some cases, it can cause individuals to go blind. While there is no true glaucoma trigger, eye pressure can play a role in a person developing the condition. Those who have symptoms of this condition may be entitled to disability benefits, but there are a couple of conditions that must be met. First, an individual must have an income that is less than the SGA limit.

Additionally, an individual must be able to show objective medical proof that he or she has this condition. It is not uncommon for an applicant to be asked to submit to further testing before an examiner makes a decision. The government will pay for these exams, which means that applicants don’t need to worry about finances impacting their ability to comply with such a request.

The Humphrey Field Analyzer test and the Humphrey SSA Test Kinetic are the two tests that are generally accepted to establish the severity of a person’s glaucoma. In some cases, static field tests will be accepted to show how severe an applicant’s glaucoma is. However, this is generally only the case when an individual has other medical evidence that is consistent with their findings.

Those who are considering filing for disability benefits may want to hire Indianapolis, Indiana attorneys handling social security disability cases. Doing so may make it easier to gather medical evidence, submit paperwork and appeal a case if an application is denied. The faster an appeal is received, the faster a decision can be made. Ultimately, an individual may be able to receive benefits in a shorter period of time.