Several factors impact the timing of SSD decision letters

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2019 | social security disability

For people who are waiting for a decision letter from the Social Security Administration in Indiana, not knowing how long it will take can be stressful. It’s difficult to predict how long a decision letter might take to arrive, but there are a few factors that are likely to shorten or lengthen the process. For example, the time it takes for the decision itself is one of the biggest factors. If the claim is denied, the decision letter will be dispatched as soon as the decision has been made.

If the claim is approved for benefits, however, it will be sent back to the local office for further processing before the approval letter is sent out. The local office of the Social Security Administration will perform a number of tasks on the case before the decision letter is mailed. Personnel will analyze the claim to determine if there is any offset for workers’ compensation or if the applicant needs someone to help him or her with disability benefit management. Additionally, some claims must be manually processed, which takes longer than computer processing.

The level of the process at which the claim is might also affect the timing of the decision letter. Disability claims that are at the administrative law judge hearing level could take several months to process while those that are in application or appeal will have letters dispatched within 30 to 90 days on average.

For individuals who have questions about the claims process, Indianapolis, Indiana, attorneys handling social security disability claims might be able to help. A lawyer might gather medical records or other evidence in order to build a claim or communicate with government officials on behalf of his or her client. An attorney might be able to file an appeal in a case where Social Security Disability has been denied or provide guidance regarding how long a decision letter might take to arrive.