Hearing requests after a denied Social Security disability claim

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2020 | blog, social security disability

For Indianans who are suffering from an injury or a condition that prevents them from working, Social Security disability benefits can be helpful in their everyday lives. Frequently, initial applications for SSD benefits are denied. This is not necessarily the end of the case. Understanding the levels of appeal is critical.

There are four levels of appeal after a denied SSD benefits claim. First is asking for reconsideration. Next is requesting a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Since most appeals made during reconsideration are denied, the hearing is often needed. Requesting a hearing can be done online, by calling the Social Security office or by visiting the office personally. A legal professional can also prepare the paperwork and file it.

There are two forms that must be filed: the Appeal Request and the disability report form. When completing these forms, it is essential to provide correct contact information with the applicant’s address and telephone number, the attorney’s contact information and the notice of the previous decision stating that there was a denial of reconsideration. It is also important to provide forms about medical treatment that was recently received and forms listing medications. There might also need to be a form detailing work activity from the time of the initial claim. Finally, if there is representation, there must be a representative form.

From the start of an SSD benefits claim, it may be beneficial to have legal advice since the application process can be complicated, and even a clerical mistake can result in an otherwise viable claim being denied. Having legal assistance might be key if the initial claim and the reconsideration were denied and a hearing is requested. A law firm with experience in all areas of Social Security disability may be able to help.