Social Security disability and concerns waiting for the decision

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2020 | blog, social security disability

When seeking Social Security disability benefits in Indiana, the application process is just one part of the case. People will frequently be worried as they await a decision letter to inform them of whether they are getting benefits or not. Understanding critical factors about the notification letter process is important.

The amount of time it takes to get a decision will vary. The case assessment by Disability Determination Services is the fundamental aspect of a case and that can impact how long it takes to receive a decision letter. When there is a denial, the letter will arrive quickly. However, if there is an approval, the claim will return to local office to be processed.

The details of the case will affect the wait time. If, for example, there is a simultaneous workers’ compensation claim, there will be an offset in the Social Security disability payments. The claimant might not have the capability to handle their own benefits and will need help. Or the process might need to be done manually and this will take more time. In general, these are basic reasons for a delay, but there could be others such as the case being appealed. Decisions on appeals could take several months or longer.

People are prone to making incorrect assumptions about their Social Security disability claims based on how long they are waiting for the decision letter. This is a mistake as there is no ironclad way of knowing why the decision might be delayed. For this concern and other questions about a disability claim, it is wise to get the facts. This is true for all parts of a claim whether it is applying, appealing or waiting for a decision. A legal firm with experience in disability claims may provide assistance.