Expediting an SSD application requires supporting documentation

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | social security disability

Filing for disability benefits could provide necessary financial support to people who are unable to work in Indiana. If someone who suffers from a debilitating injury ends up with no source of income, Social Security disability insurance may alleviate financial burdens. However, what happens when someone cannot wait for the process to work through the typical administrative steps? Requesting the expediting of the application is an option.

The Social Security Administration might require a significant reason for expediting the application. For example, if the applicant faces eviction from an apartment and has no place to live, an emergency exists. The same might be true when lack of funds undercuts someone’s access to prescriptions or medical care.

Simply stating that an emergency exists, however, would not be enough. The applicant must prove that the situation has become dire. Submitting credible documentation might be enough for the SSA representatives intending to review the case. When facing eviction, providing copies of eviction letters could help. Submitting accompanying bank statements showing very low balances might further help the cause.

SSD applicants need to realize that the SSA will likely weigh the submitted documentation’s credibility. If a medical emergency serves as the basis for the expedite request, a federal administrative judge may look closer at who the doctor is. Does the doctor possess a lengthy history of treating the patient? A lack of treatment history might not disqualify the physician’s credibility, but a doctor with a lengthier history with the patient may carry more weight with a judge.

The supporting documentation could make a significant difference for those hoping for a positive outcome. Working with an attorney may be advisable. An attorney with experience in SSD claims may provide experienced representation to help a client present their case.