How to know if you are eligible for Social Security disability

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2020 | social security disability

People in Indiana who suffer from medical issues and continue to work might do so because they do not realize they could be eligible for a Social Security disability program. It is not always necessary for individuals to work until they are eligible for Social Security benefits due to their age. Certain medical issues can result in eligibility for at least a basic amount of income assistance due to the medical issue.

Being declared disabled is not just a determination based on health. The Social Security Administration uses the ability to maintain substantive gainful employment as the ultimate criteria for approving a claim for SSD or SSI. This is measured in earned income with the base being set currently at $1,220 per month of gross income. Those with disabilities are allowed to work in a limited amount, but the rules are significant, and re-evaluation can be required by the SSA even for a total disability allowance in some situations for those under age 50.

Supplemental Security Income can also be approved for those with medical issues that can impact their ability to maintain substantive employment. Also known as SSI, these awardees are evaluated annually and subject to much more restrictive rules of continued payment. Not only are SSI recipients generally paid at a lesser rate than SSDI recipients, but eligibility for SSI is much more restricted, and payments can be stopped immediately when problems arise or individuals return to work.

The truth about filing for any government disability program is that winning a claim is typically a long-term process that the SSA is diligent about approving. Claims are typically approved through the appeals process after an experienced SSD benefits attorney has crafted and presented a solid case proving that the claimant is indeed unable to earn a substantive living due to a medical issue or combination of issues.