Helping People Throughout Indiana Secure Disability Benefits

At the Law Office of Annette Rutkowski LLC, I represent people in central, western and southern Indiana with claims and appeals involving Social Security Disability and long-term disability. As a woman lawyer who owns her own firm, I believe I bring years of experience and skills to my cases that many law firms do not.

I grew up in a family of nursing professionals and spent much of my formative years volunteering in facilities for physically and cognitively impaired adults. I know that when a person becomes physically or mentally impaired and can no longer work, it impacts the entire family.

I understand that no one wants to be disabled and have to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. However, if you need to talk to someone about whether you or your loved one is ready to file for disability, or if you have questions about a claim that’s already in the process, please call. We can assess your needs or set up a free in-person consultation.

Taking The Necessary Steps For You

Obtaining disability benefits is a time-consuming, difficult process. Many law firms only go so far in helping their clients navigate the system. I handle cases from initial application through advanced appeals with the Social Security Disability Appeals Council and in the federal district court. Other attorneys, who trust in my ability to handle the most complex appeals, refer many of my clients to me.

Personal Service For A Personal Legal Issue

Many disability firms are national firms (both attorney and non-attorney) that represent thousands of people across the country, doing all prehearing work by mail or phone. They only meet with their clients the day of their hearing. As a result, they do not know their clients.

At my office, we will meet and do an assessment of your claim. I will provide guidance and personally prepare for your hearing.

My law firm is locally based in central Indiana. I see clients in person in offices in Indianapolis. When you hire me, I will be the attorney who sees your case through. I can handle your case at any stage, including the initial SSD application, your SSD hearing and any advanced appeals.

Other attorneys don’t meet with their clients until the Social Security hearing. I set myself apart by ensuring I sit down with you and meet you personally before you hire me or before I commit to your case.

Schedule A Consult Today

I will take the time to get to know you and answer your questions at no charge and with no obligation to hire me. If you choose to hire me, I charge on a contingency fee basis. This means that I only charge fees if I am able to get disability benefits for you.

To schedule a consultation, call 317-663-9781 or complete the contact form on my website.