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What are the requirements to receive Social Security Disability?

There are two programs that the Social Security Administration (SSA) administers that allow you to receive benefits if you have some type of illness or injury that affects your ability to work. These two programs are the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The eligibility requirements that a prospective applicant must meet to receive benefits under these programs are distinct.

Applying for SSD with degenerative back problems

Many people in Indiana may suffer from degenerative disc disease affecting their backs so significantly that they are unable to work. As a result, they may apply for Social Security Disability benefits to provide some income. The Social Security Administration uses strict guidelines to assess applications, especially at the initial stage. Degenerative disc disease is one type of impairment that is covered directly in the "blue book" describing impairments, along with other disorders affecting the spine like osteoarthritis or vertebral fractures. These guidelines provide criteria for the severity of the illness that should be met in order to receive disability benefits.

A disabled vet may also be eligible for SSDI

Veterans and their Indiana families understand sacrifice, more so than most others who have not served. When the active tour of duty has ended, the hope is to return to civilian life and resume some level of normalcy as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that is all but impossible for disabled veterans. While nothing can replace that which the vet has lost, there may be some easing of the difficult circumstances ahead if the individual can qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance in addition to the veteran's benefits received.

How to obtain a medical vocational allowance

An Indiana resident who has a disability may be entitled to financial assistance from the government. The applicant may be approved if their condition is among a list of impairments considered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). It's also possible to obtain benefits through what is known as a medical vocational allowance. Before granting a medical vocational allowance, an examiner will review the applicant's medical records and work history for the past 15 years.

Medical records and the SSD benefits process

Medical records can be an important part of any Indiana resident's claim for Social Security Disability benefits. After all, to be approved for SSD benefits, people must show that they suffer from a disabling condition that prevents them from working in their last job or any other gainful employment. However, many people who both need and deserve disability benefits face challenges during the process. The vast majority of applicants receive a denial at the first stage of their application, even if they are later approved at a disability hearing or another level of the process.

Proposed disability benefits change raises concerns

Many people in Indiana have expressed concern about a proposal by the Trump administration that could change the application process for Social Security disability benefits. The process is already very rigorous, with the vast majority of applicants rejected in their initial applications. Many people who have become disabled and unable to work as a result must go through a lengthy appeal and hearing process before obtaining the benefits they need to support their living expenses.

Severe psoriatic arthritis could qualify for disability benefits

The Social Security Administration has designated monthly disability benefits for people with medical conditions that significantly impair their ability to work and earn income. People in Indiana suffering from psoriatic arthritis might qualify for government benefits if their symptoms have reached a certain level of severity. Disability examiners evaluating an application for benefits look closely at all medical records and vocational assessments to determine someone's eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits.

Learn more about SSD claims

Indiana residents who are filing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits may wonder how the process takes place. The application will be taken by a Social Security claims representative if a person files an application by phone or in person at a local Social Security office. This representative is responsible for taking information regarding a person's disabling condition, the medical treatment they have received and their work history. Their job is not to process a person's disability determination but to get it ready for a medical determination.

SSD benefits can prove elusive for many

Many Indiana residents struggle with debilitating physical or mental conditions yet wish to and continue to work. If the situation deteriorates further and working every day is no longer possible, they may apply for Social Security disability. Unfortunately, the reality for most first-time SSD applicants is a denial of benefits, which comes with the implicit finding that they are still deemed capable of working. Although it's common to accept an initial denial, there are various methods of appeal that hold promise for some who persevere to prove their disability to the Social Security Administration.

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